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The Department for Education South Australia have embarked on a journey to enable digital learning in 900 schools and preschools across the state. As part of this program Insync Solutions has been awarded a six year contract to deliver, support and maintain an Identity and Access Management solution known as EdPass to simplify the login experience for 250,000 students and 30,000 staff. This will reduce the number of times staff and students need to login to access applications and services, saving time, reducing frustration and allowing schools and preschools to focus on teaching and learning outcomes.

The EdPass solution, delivered by Insync Solutions is a combination of Identity Management technology provided by Micro Focus, Access Management technology provided by Okta and expert professional services provided by Insync Solutions.

The Micro Focus technology provides the identity engine of the solution, enabling automated account lifecycle management across many core IT systems as outlined in IT Wire here. It provides a single unique identifier for staff and students and manages school and enrolment data, which is all provisioned into Okta.

The Okta technology platform provides the single sign on and access management layer of the solution. Okta is the enabler and the doorway for EdPass providing teachers and students with simple, seamless and intuitive access to applications at all levels and removing any disruption to the learning experience. It enables staff and students to seamlessly and securely access the essential tools they need to support teaching and learning from anywhere.

From there, one-click access connects users to a catalogue of statewide educational apps, local school apps, departmental accounts, and local administrative accounts. This means staff and students can log in from anywhere, on any device, using a single set of credentials.

The EdPass solution has been piloted in several schools over a six month period and has had high adoption and very positive feedback. We are extremely proud to be part of this digital transformation that will shape the way Education is delivered in South Australian schools.

For more information on the EdPass solution and the pilot please see our interview with Scott Bayliss, CIO, Department of Education South Australia.


Flinders University chose Insync Solutions to work with their IT team to implement an Identity Management solution that utilises existing student and staff people data to provide automated provisioning of accounts to connected applications and other directories. This solution was also integrated with a Single Sign-On portal that allows users to access all applications with a single login account and password. This streamlined approach enabled the University to realise a number of benefits including simplifying access for users and reduce service desk administrative overhead.


Santos has many disparate IT platforms and applications, and need to provide simple, secure access to these systems for both employees and contractors. Insync Solutions was engaged by Santos to deliver an Identity and Access Management solution to provide automated provisioning, de-provisioning and account maintenance for all staff, contractors and partner organisations. The solution spans access control, provisioning and synchronisation for systems including Active Directory, Unix LDAP, Enterprise Resource Planning, Databases, Control Systems and external Software as a Service vendors (including Office365 and ServiceNow). In addition, the solution provides password synchronisation across internal systems - and single sign on to many Cloud and external applications, providing users with a single username and password to remember for access to all IT services.

For more information on the business challenges that Santos faced and how the Identity Management solution provided tangible outcomes please watch the interview between Paul Williamson, Director, Insync Solutions and Andrew Speer, Information Systems Security Manager, Santos.


SAFECOM has a large volunteer user group scattered across the state. A program of work has seen the establishment of key IT services for all volunteers such as email services, document collaboration, online training and a volunteer portal. SAFECOM engaged Insync solutions to provide an Identity and Access Management solution to automatically provision and maintain their ~17,000 volunteers into their on-premise key IT systems (Volunteer Portal and Incident Management System) and cloud services (Microsoft Office 365 and Moodle for online training). To see how Insync Solutions helped the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission solve their Identity Management and Access Management issues using Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) please click here to visit the Microsoft Case Study.


The Department for Child Protection (DCP) had a requirement to allow mandatory notifiers to access an electronic Child Abuse Report Line (eCARL) via the internet. DCP engaged Insync Solutions to develop an Identity and Access Management system that catered for all of their requirements. The system allows for self-registration and self-service capabilities to automatically provision access to the eCARL application. In addition, the system also deployed a federated identity model to allow larger bodies of mandatory notifiers to use a federated identity source for secure, and seamless authentication to the eCARL application.


ElectraNet chose Insync Solutions to implement an Identity Management Solution to align their IT access with industry best practices with respect to account creation, lifecycle maintenance and security. All new employees entered into the SAP HR system have IT accounts automatically created with a base level of IT access. All external contractor accounts and their access is managed using online forms with request and approval workflow. A Self Service Password Reset Portal was also deployed to allow external users to reset a forgotten password using their mobile phone number. This system is currently being expanded to incorporate the building access system.